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Kod: 0518
Skala: 1:720


cena: 45.00 zł

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The Ship with a Thousand Names, the Admiral Kuznetsov (formerly Tbilisi, Brezhnev, and Kremlin) is Russia's first full-deck carrier. Carrying navalized SU-25 and Su-33 aircraft, this ship allows Russian naval forces to operate beyond the range of land based air cover with much greater security than before. Unlike Western designs, the Kuznetsov class will carry surface-to-surface missiles, giving it an offensive capability even without its embarked air wing. There are no catapults, although a bow ski-ramp is fitted. This ship also carries the new Sky Watch phased array air search radar, and possibly could have battle management capabilities similar to the American Aegis cruisers. The air wing aboard the Kuznetsov is set at 60 and is mission configured.

Wyporność 65000 ton
Długość 305 m